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March 2019. VCSE Organisations: Building a Consensus on Health and Work

March 2019. High Street Junk Food Report

March 2019. Future trends in social inequalities in obesity in England, Wales and Scotland

March 2019. International Case Studies – Wider Determinants of Health

February 2019. Screening and brief intervention for obesity in primary care: cost-effectiveness analysis in the BWeL trial

December 2018. Fiscal and pricing policies: evidence report and framework

December 2018. Bariatric surgery, lifestyle interventions and orlistat for severe obesity: the REBALANCE mixed-methods systematic review and economic evaluation

December 2018. Reducing Tobacco Use Through Taxation in Trinidad and Tobago : Modelling the Long Term Health and Economic Impact

October 2018. Forecasting Future Trends in Obesity across Europe: The Value of Improving Surveillance

September 2018. Fresh Start: A Framework for Healthy and Sustainable Diets

September 2018. Rebalance: Review of Behaviour and Lifestyle Interventions for Severe Obesity: an Evidence Synthesis

May 2018: Healthy Places

May 2018. HEPP case study: Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme

May 2018. Case Studies on Interventions to Address Inequalities in Behaviours

March 2018. Inequalities in smoking and obesity in Europe predicted to 2050

February 2018. Health and cost impacts of tobacco taxation in the Ukraine

January 2018. What can we learn from collaborations between public health and the food and drinks industry

December 2017. Modelling the implications of reducing smoking prevalence: the benefits of increasing the UK tobacco duty escalator to public health and economic outcomes

November 2017. HEPAHEALTH Project Report

May 2017. Alcohol Toolkit Study

May 2017. Modelling the long-term impacts of a weight loss intervention: Oral presentation at the European Congress on Obesity, Porto 2017

May 2017. Public-Private Partnerships in Public Health Research and Policy

May 2017. Using Brexit to tackle non-communicable diseases and improve the health of the public

May 2017. Modelling the implications of reducing smoking prevalence: the public health and economic benefits of achieving a ‘tobacco-free’ UK

April 2017. The cost-effectiveness of population Health Checks: have the NHS Health Checks been unfairly maligned?

January 2017. Special Supplement of Addiction on alcohol marketing

November 2016. UK Health Forum Impact Report 2015/16

March 2016. Aiming High: Why the UK Should Aim to be Tobacco-Free

January 2016. Tipping the scales: Why preventing obesity makes economic sense

December 2015. EConDA final results

September 2015. EU Project unveils obesity & smoking trends across Europe and shows how primary prevention is the key to a healthy future

December 2014. The Brighton declaration: the value of non-communicable disease modelling in population health sciences

October 2014. Risk factor based modelling for Public Health England

July 2014. Fuel poverty & health toolkit

July 2014. The future burden of obesity-related diseases in 53 WHO European-Region countries and the impact of effective interventions

June 2014. Economics of chronic diseases protocol: cost-effectiveness modelling and the future burden of non-communicable disease in Europe

July 2013. Public Health Law and Non-communicable Diseases